Germany Country Information

Traveling through Germany is traditionally anchored by visits to Beergartens, the Berlin Wall, and river cruises on the Danube as well as exploring the Rhine castles. But along with these predictable must-sees come a plethora of hidden gems that Prathvi will weave into your travel through Germany.

Whether you want a soak in a Black Forest mineral spa; celebrate the history of the automobile with exciting motor shows, and classic car rallies along the scenic routes; follow the footsteps of Beethoven, Bach, Strauss, Wagner and numerous other notable composers; listen to world famous choirs, such as the Regensburger Domspatzen or the St. Thomas Boys Choir in Leipzig; shop for unique pieces of art in vibrant artist's colonies from Ahrenshoop at the Baltic Sea to Murnau in Bavaria; enjoy a beer with Bavarian monks; or hike around one of sixty-six lakes around Berlin, we will create tours that will imitate German precision and eye for detail.

Much like the cities of Germany that offer a colourful mix of shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafes, Prathvi will tailor plans for you that will reflect the care and skill behind German high end specialty products like fine Meissen Porcelain, or traditional goods such as Black Forest cuckoo clocks or delicious marzipan from Lubeck. After all like Glashutte watches, Mercedes Benz and BMW, the Prathvi brand is also synonymous with high quality and tradition.

People of Germany

Germany consists of people hailing from mixed ethnic backgrounds. The Turkish forms the largest group, while foreign residents make up for nine percent of the population. Besides this, there are also large numbers of refugees from East European Union as well as immigrants from countries like Italy, Spain and Greece. German is the language that is commonly spoken.

Germany has contributed immensely towards art and culture. However, today German culture remains so merged with that of Europe that it becomes slightly difficult to draw the boundaries. German culture reflects various traces of medieval art and architecture in the form of cathedrals, monasteries, and castles that dot the country. Germany is also known for its love for music and literature.

From the high Alps in the South, the Bavarian plain, and the flowing hills of central Germany to the coast of the North and Baltic Sea: it all looks like a miniature train landscape packed with the nicest of old towns, medieval houses, gothic churches and small villages.

Germany's cities have endless pleasant surprises in store for those who enjoy good food and drink. In addition to top-quality international cooking each region has its own local specialities, ranging from hearty country fare at simple inns to modern light cuisine at star-rated restaurants. Accompanied by our world-famous beers and wines, all this plenty is guaranteed to make your tour of Germany's cities an unforgettable culinary experience.


Following the end of the Second World War, Germany was divided up into four zones, as was the capital, Berlin. Following the Potsdam conference in 1945, the introduction of the Deutschmark in the Western zones in 1948 and the Berlin blockade, the Federal Republic of Germany FRG (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic GDR (East Germany) were founded in 1949. The Berlin wall was built in 1961, as the East German authorities fought to prevent the exodus of citizens fleeing to the West. The FRG became a member of NATO and a founding member of the EU, whilst the GDR became firmly entrenched in the Soviet pact. Political pressure and the increasing détente between East and West led to a lifting of travel restrictions from the GDR and to the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall. Following free elections in the GDR, the two countries were re-united on 3 October 1990.

More than a decade after reunification, there are still differences in living standards between the eastern (or new) and western Lander and unemployment is still a key issue in the East. Germany has been at the forefront of EU economic union and since 1 January 2002, the Euro has been legal tender.